The Admin Panel of your web app

Take control of your application data with no time wasted on internal tools developed in-house
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Create the back-office without any programming
Fast installation
Only several hours are needed to complete the installation
Simple integration
Compatible with whatever databases, web-frameworks and programming languages
Jet does not access your data, the complete security of your data is thus provided
24/7 Access
We maintain a round-the-clock access and update timely
User-friendly interface
More than 100 data layouts
Runs on every device
The back-office interface has been optimized for all devices mobiles, tablets
Layout Editor
Create the back-office on your own with the Layout constructor

  • Data management in several clicks
  • Any operations with data
Create your reports and visualize important indicators/data

  • Move and change sizes of graphics
  • Automatic data update
  • Share the reports with your team
Jet integrates with every stack
We work with any data sources and web-frameworks:

  • Python/Django
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
  • PHP/Laravel, PHP/Symfony
Perform any operations with the data
With Jet interface you can perform any operations on your data
You can edit all your data whether it is text from the website or user data.
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Search and filtration
With the query design you can easily find the needed data and extract it.
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Operations and actions
For actions: the user has passed the moderation, payment confirmation and others. There are programmable buttons-actions.
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Your staff can leave notes/messages/comments to the data (an order, a user) and correspond with each other.
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A ready-to-use Saas solution for your business
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